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About our Intern Program
North Line Partners is proud to have an internship program.  Most of us were interns, hence we believe these internships enrich us as an organization, and in return, we hope the introduction we can provide interns to the business world is equally fulfilling. 

Because we are a smaller organization, interns will be exposed to a wide range of business issues – but with a primary focus on how companies make decisions about key leadership.  As a boutique firm, we have developed deep partnerships with some of the world’s leading corporations and private equity firms. 

Interns will help companies recruit to well defined roles, as well as still evolving roles within early stage start-up companies.  From a task perspective, interns will support the process of identifying potential candidates, researching companies, evaluating professional skills, and supporting the day-to-day operational needs of our business.  Some of this can be routine.  Most is not.

Qualitative Requirements

North Line is a high performing, fast paced, and client focused environment.  We work smart. 
Potential interns should be tech/web savvy, have solid research and solution solving skills, understand professional and social media, and have strong written and oral communication abilities.  Listening skills are also required to perform this role, as well as absolute attention to detail, and strong organizational skills. Candidates must also be willing to do whatever job is given to him/her.  No task is too big or too small.  Candidates must be incredibly self-confident, enjoy interacting with people, have a desire to learn, and have a passion for global business.

Educational Requirements

To be considered for our intern program, a candidate must currently be enrolled as a student (college junior or senior) in a public or private accredited institution.  Interns do not necessarily have to receive credit for participation.  We realize this is not always possible.

To submit your resume for consideration:

Previous Interns At North Line Partners:

  • Patrick Sen, Summer 2013 worked as an Intern at North Line Partners in the Summer of 2013, before his junior year at Hamilton College, where he is majoring in Economics and minoring in math. His responsibilities at North Line included research, candidate I.D. and pinpointing target companies for searches, primarily in the industrial and retail sectors. Over time, his proficiency with the North Line database allowed him to compile excellent resources for the Partners and NLP team. He learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed his time at North Line Partners. Patrick looks forward to continuing his academic pursuits and hockey at Hamilton this fall.

  • Brendan Christ, Summer 2013 worked as an Intern at North Line Partners in the Summer of 2013, before his senior year at the University of Kansas. At KU, he is majoring in Communications, as well as a minor in Business. At North Line, he was responsible for researching prospective candidates, identifying target companies and managing information and data entry within North Line’s growing candidate database. He worked mostly in the industrial, automotive, consumer and retail industries. For Brendan, the internship was a great experience, as he finishes his final year of college and plans the future following his 2014 graduation.

  • Colton Staab, Summer 2011 worked as an intern at North Line Partners in the summer of 2011 before beginning his senior year at Yale University, where he majored in economics.  At North Line, he was responsible for research and prospective candidate ID for positions in the food manufacturing, automotive and retail industries.  He also helped input and archive data from closed searches; and helped organize the office during North Line’s move from Northbrook to Winnetka in August 2011.  

Now a Yale grad, Colton will be joining the Boston Consulting Group in September 2012.  He has also worked with the United States Senate, the Northern Trust Company and Valos -- an environmental NGO in Argentina.

  • Nora Boxberger, Summer 2010

Nora went on to join our firm full-time as a Researcher. >> Nora's Bio